Success in Art

Once again I am inspired by the words of another artist, regarding "How to be Truly Successful as an Artist" spoke to me, helped me, to understand that regardless of fame and fortune, I am an artist and even though I set goals to achieve, I am about creating. I have taken some points from Brian's blog that summed up points of value to me.

I hope it is alright to share other blogs since I do mention their names, but also they are another way for me to say what I find to be true for me. I do want to say I have taken baby steps in my approach to my art and most recently I have been putting more than one foot into the direction of my art with the other foot less into my current 'day job' so that I can realize some sort of achievement in the art world. With my own show coming up soon, I see that I have come a long way from just taking an art class 14 years ago.

Every artist knows they are an artist. They feel it with in themselves and some wait and wait and wait before they show the world that they are an artist. I decided to wait no more. I sometimes wonder where I would be now if I had done more then and well, I will never know, so on I go....

How to be Truly Successful as an Artist
by Brian Sherwin

Thus, the first step in becoming a truly successful artist is to let go of your art star fantasies and work toward redefining your view of success in a more realistic manner.

Thus, the second step toward becoming a truly successful artist is to acknowledge that the value of your art is not found on a price tag, bank statement, or high profile review in an international art publication. The value of your art is found in your will to create no matter what life obstacle is thrown before you.

Thus, the third step toward becoming a truly successful artist is to accept these common truths and to take advantage of realistic opportunities that you can take advantage of today.

In closing, true success for an artist, in my opinion, is the strength to push on with your art when the world is not at your feet. Most artists will never receive the spotlight they deserve-- but an artist can easily leave his or her own mark within the global art community, so to speak. Leave fame and fortune up to chance-- focus on creating art and gaining exposure for your art today. Take as many steps as you need to realize that you can truly be a successful artist beyond the bar that has been placed above you.